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Enroll Now for Manners Boot Camp 2015

Tuesday- Friday, June 9-12, 2015

9am - 1pm

For Boys and Girls 8-14 yearls old

Avila Country Club 

Manners Boot Camp 2014 Graduation

Business Etiquette Seminar Sarasota Ritz Carlton
Social Etiquette for USF Delta Delta Delta Sorority 2014
Speaker at Women of Wesley Chapel Networking Group 2015

Etiquette Seminar 2012 Junior League of Tampa
Business & Dining Etiquette at HCC (Student Government) 2013
Charm & Etiquette at Shriners Hospital for Children July 2013
Amazing Manners class for children October 2012
Amazing Manners class for children October 2012

At Tampa Etiquette Academy, we offer Children's Etiquette Classes, Teen Etiquette Classes and Professional Protocol for Adults.

Classes taught are focused not only on outside mannerisms, but also on internal characteristics such as high morals, values, standards and ethics. 

Programs are designed to bring back the lost art of good manners, which are depleted from our society today.

We are eager to serve you in the field of image and civility and are dedicated in helping you become your best!

Tampa Etiquette Academy~PO Box 48963~Tampa~FL~33646